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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT: Toronto v FC Dallas... or My problems with that b**ch Mother Nature

Dallatasaray. If you don't know or get the parody, there's more football than just England, Italy, Spain and Germany.

You know what I like about the rain. When I'm indoors. I appreciate dryness, roofs, umbrellas, hats. They're brilliant. Really. This has to be one of the worst weather/luck scenarios at least in this team's history. Our first three games were unseasonably frigid, we've been "mother nature'd" twice. Hell, if it weren't for the mediocrity of the team, we'd be complaining about the weather this year.

Predictions came up all pro-Dallas with 2-0, 1-0 and 2-1.

Starting XI looks like this:

Eckersley, Harden, Iro, Borman
Frings,, Dunfield, deGoo
Marosevic, Johnson, Plata

Solid starting side.

3' - Prediction of Iro making only 2 mistakes all game. I would so have taken that bet.

14' - ball ends up at foot of the Brazilian Jackson inside the box but the next touch had Borman clearing the threat

18' - GOAL - Suspect defending shows Jackson's deft chip well over Kocic and dropping under the bar. The crowd erupts in an apathetic silence.

21' - The lightning. She gets closer...

24' - Toronto is quietly creeping back into this match. Quiet like most of the west stand.

26' - Eckersley and Jackson get tied up. Eck nearly hits a running bulldog but still ends up with the free kick.

27' - Frings gets on the end of a cross and pops it just over the bar from 8 yards out.

29' - Brek Shea fires a bullet that Kocic lunges to parry away.

At the 31st minute, the ref postpones the match for 30 minutes due to lightning

32' - The match resumes at 9:14pm. This begs the much overlooked question : How many of these officials have a degree in meteorology? Better question, can you actually get a degree in that?

33' - As long as the ref keeps facing south, he cannot possibly see the natural pyrotechnics behind him going off in the distance.

37' - Now the skies are opening up.

39' - This sums up my feelings.

41' - Executive decision, I'm going home even though I had the brains to bring a poncho this time.

Half-time mood : F*ck. This.

Last I've heard as of 11pm the braintrust are still considering finishing out the game... one of the ushers informed me that there were only 5,000-6,000 tickets sold for the match before game time. Any attendance figure higher than that would've been utter bullshit... While we're on the subject of tickets... I guess having that many empty seats didn't hurt the beer sales. Why else would you do the supporters a "favour" of having to opt-in for these tickets?... They ran a few ads for Canada v St. Kitts (September 2nd at BMO) at the match, and the ads look great. However, they ran when less than 500 people were in the ground... I'd like to give a thumbs up to the Voyageurs for organizing group ticket sales in the south end and Umbro Canada for ponying up sweet scarves as incentives for group ticketing. I'd find a way to bury the CSA in here, but they didn't botch this one up (so far)... to the regulars who didn't show up, I kinda sorta can't blame you, but to the people who were coming over anyways and filling their spots, you were totally weirding me out.

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