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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Ola Amado" if TFC grabs the NutCan

Pride of Tegucigalpa... and no muppets

You can file this one under "careful what you wish for". Today, somewhere in the dark recesses of whatever secret New York City lair CONCACAF headquarters is hidden, names (most of them very Latino) were picked out of a giant sombrero (probably). Si! The CONCACAF Champions League draw! Feel free to shoot pistolas in the air - bandito style only please.
Unfortunately for TFC supporters, not too much to scream "Ariba!" about. If Toronto FC does what is expected of them and win the NutCan, they have been drawn into the Preliminary Round against perennial Honduran powerhouse C.D. Motagua as a reward! By the way Mr. Preki... that really good midfielder on Motagua - his name is Amado Guevara, you may have heard of him.
If TFC had a hard time against Puerto Rico Islanders last year, C.D. Motagua will not be a pleasant couple of days. The away leg in Tegucigalpa’s Estadio Tiburcio Carias Andino will be a particularly tricky trip with 35,000 very excitable Tegucigalpians waiting to throw very dodgy things at Los Canadianos.

Apart from the obvious drama of Amado Guevara's revenge, Motagua also has three other weapons up their sleeve - their nicknames! Their supporters call them one of Ciclon Azul (Blue Cyclone), Aguilas Azules (Blue Eagles) and Los Mimados (The Loved Ones) - I find them all frightening... especially the last one! The Loved Ones? Sounds like a prison nickname.

If TFC manages to escape the challenge of Tegucigalpa (I love saying that city's name) and beat Motagua they will end up in Group A. The Reds would join a group that already consists of MLS Cup champs Real Salt Lake, Panama's Arabe Unido and the winner of the San Francisco (not the Rice-A-Roni one)/ Cruz Azul preliminary. So quite easy then overall (what's the Spanish word for sarcasm?). At least we'll have Tegucigalpa.

Muppet... not from Tegucigalpa

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