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Monday, March 7, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Shocking Adrian Cann contract issues

"It's that damn Adrian Cann - he's so hot right now!

Things at Toronto FC camp seemed to be chugging along peacefully until last week. Despite the difficulty of overhauling the squad and its style, the players in training all seemed gung-ho and positive. Even the De Ro contract woes seemed to be on the back-burner. Then, seemingly out of the blue, TFC's starting centreback and resident male model Adrian Cann, decided to pack up his designer manbags and leave the club in a contract dispute. In the days since, manager Aron Winter has taken a hardline against Cann's apparent contract breach, going as far as taking new club offers to the defender off the table. Of course, if these were the demands of the Thornhill star/ exotic beauty, you may have balked too...
11. Insists that all of his new kits be designed by Gucci
10. Demands that James Franco portrays him in "TFC: The Movie"
9. Wants the club to copyright and market his new look - "Red Steel"
8. Would like his MVP trophy replaced with "Most Valuable Abs" award
7. Wants team to emerge from the tunnel to Fashion Television’s theme song: “Obsession
6. Requests a free transfer to Milan... for fashion week
5. Demands credit for inventing the "Piano-key Neck Tie"
4. Willing to forego DP money for D&G money
3. Upset because "red and grey are soooo 2008"
2. Wants an "International" roster spot because it looks more stylish than "Domestic"
1. No-trade clause to "ugly cities"

"Ladies and gentleman... welcome your Toronto FC!"


  1. wow that chick is so damn ugly...sorry had to mention it. regarding the cann move, i think its quite foolish for a 30yr old defender that had 1 pretty good year (he was not the team mvp imo) to walk out on his contract (you arent dero/donovan etc you dont have that kind of pull buddy). i must say though these prelim games have been pretty bad, just alot of passing around and very little attack. the defence looks like swiss cheese occasionally as well.

  2. 1, 6 and 7 are gold btw.

  3. We will not seen Cann in a TFC uniform again.
    It was also clearly evident to me that he excelled when everyone played defensive ball under Preki, but under a fluid attacking style, he falters.

    Heard this morning that Philadelphia is enquiring about Cann. A trade is brewing.

  4. ^ I heard the same rumour out of Philly. Knowing TFC they will get a 4th round pick and allocation money. We need players!

    Good riddance though - no room left for egos like that.

  5. Imagine if he could actually play, it's tragic how we elevate the average to the excellent. This kid was at best, unremarkable.