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Monday, April 25, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Strange things found during the BMO Field Easter Egg hunt

Mmm, you can really taste the buttered bread!

Well that's it for Easter break - a nice mini-vacation to celebrate the first time Jesus rode through England on a giant bunny throwing chocolate eggs at snakes. At least that's what the nice lady on the Toblerone customer service line (tried to swallow a triangle whole - long story) led me to believe. Good work Christ fella! In the middle of the weekend was a decent TFC match which added to the biblical theme with a pestilence of insects and the new "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" version of BMO Field security. What many of us didn't see was the lovely children's Easter Egg hunt held through the corridors of BMO Field during the match. The things those kids stumbled across in their hunt for The Messiah's eggs was quite eggs-citing! See what I did there? Jesus.
11. Jim Brennan trying to shave hipster facial hair on a bunny
10. A dungeon where all of the South Stand's "disappeared" customers were taken by BMO Field security
9. Nick Soolsma - locked in the bathroom since March 21st
8. An Amsterdam-styled Red-Light District under the gym
7. Mista frozen in carbonite
6. A cot, a hot plate and a Twitter account in a storage closet with the words "Rohan Wuz 'Ere" spray painted on the door
5. Thousands of candy wrappers covering a snoozing Collin Samuel
4. Nick Garcia running on a giant hamster wheel that powers the stadium lights
3. An unfinished self-portrait of Mo Johnston depicted as a ginger version of the risen Christ
2. The Cadbury's Cream Chip Butty prototype
1. The other half of Joao Plata

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