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Sunday, July 31, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Nicknames for Real Esteli's Estadio Independencia

Wait, even the Nicaraguans have a roof?

One of the great joys of CONCACAF Champions League is the opportunity to tour some of the stadiums of Central America. If the "always fair and balanced" officiating wasn't enough to contend with, clubs of TFC's ilk have to be introduced to "exuberant" fans, pitches that resemble the surface of the moon and projectiles filled with all types of joyful human gifts. Of course, even in Central America stadiums inevitably end up with nicknames. While BMO Field is affectionately called "That Roofless Scaffolding with $10 Beer", Real Esteli's Estadio Independencia has a few names of its own...
11. "Home of The Wispy Moustache"
10. "The Gringo Triangle"
9. "El Tilted Pitch"
8. "The Stadium of No Lights"
7. "El Banco para Referees"
6. "Dead Bull Arena"
5. "El Stadio Grandos Crater"
4. "The House that the Sandinistas Built"
3. "The Train Station of the North"
2. "El Urino Ziplocko"
1. "The Ankle Graveyard"

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