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Monday, October 17, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Bonus CCL Quarterfinal qualification incentives

You can really taste the Plata!

Every season, Toronto FC has had at least one match dubbed as "The Most Important Match of the Season". There have been at least three already in 2011 - but this time they mean it! A win (and only a win) on Tuesday night at FC Dallas' Pizza The Hutt Park, will propel The Reds into uncharted territory - namely the CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals. The prospective home-and-home match will take place in early March with the home fixture possibly being held at SkyDome (yes, we know it has that other name). If playing under the big top... er, big roof... isn't enough to spur on The Torontos tomorrow, maybe these extra incentives will...
11. Ty Harden has promised to get CONCACAF Champions League trophy tattooed on his ass
10. Ticket packs could turn out to be the perfect Valentine's Day gift... for men trying to end relationships
9. Exposes TFC to the lucrative Belize TV market
8. Toronto area Taco Bells have promised to develop a line of mini-TFC-burritos called "Joaplatachangas"
7. Gives MLSE time to develop "Thermal Sombreros" to sell to cold visiting supporters
6. Bitchy The Hawk to fight BJ Birdy during SkyDome halftime show
5. Gives TFC supporters 4 months to save up the $300 ticket price MLSE will undoubtedly be tempted to charge
4. TFC gets their picture on box of Guatemalan "Wheaties"
3. Quarterfinal opponent can market match as "El Frostbitito"
2. Reds get free trip to Nicaraguan Disneyland!
1. Taco Buttys

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