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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roof - There it is!

"This ain't our house!"

One of the worst kept cats in town is apparently out of the bag this afternoon. No, Nick Soolsma didn't visit the Humane Society - but John Molinaro at Sportsnet is reporting that Toronto FC will imminently announce that the Champions League Quarterfinal against LA Galaxy will be played at SkyDome.
The location of the big match-up between the MLS rivals has been argued back and forth between SkyDome (aka The New Owner's Centre) and BMO Field since the March 7th fixture was announced. Opinion has been fairly split down the middle between those who see SkyDome's 50K seats and warm confines in chilly March as the perfect recipe for a big event. On the other side of the coin, many purists, including TFC's Paul Mariner, sought the home field advantage (no matter what the temperature) of The Reds' own BMO Field.
It is uncertain if the recent ownership change which includes Rogers and their handy convertible stadium helped along the situation but as with all things MLSE - this deal will be about revenue and not "match experience". MLSE has proven a ghastly inability for marketing the Champions League and will no doubt be unable to resist the temptation to overprice tickets at SkyDome. While a 50K papering of the stadium a la Montreal Impact's Big O experience is possible - we will bet on an apathetic mid-20K's attendance which will look and sound bush league in the cavernous confines of the CN Tower's loose partner.
Supporters groups will apparently be housed in SkyDome's lower south end and will no doubt bring their A-Game but as anyone who has experienced other footy matches at the stadium will know - one loud area won't make up for thousands of empty, overpriced seats. It will be up to MLSE to prove us wrong and market (as well as price) this match correctly. Now... if we could just sign two defenders, an attacking midfielder and another striker we could get in the spirit of the CCL season.

UPDATE: The official announcement from TFC...

Look out for President Obama at the 1:00 mark... dude loves the CCL

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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I believe this will backfire on the "New" same as the "old" MLSE......