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Monday, December 19, 2011

THE STARTING 11: TFC TV Holiday Specials

The Netherlands' # 1 feline holiday celebrity - Suarez Soolsma

One of the great things about the Holiday Season is the nightly treat of festive television specials. From claymation to variety specials and all things puppet-related in-between, December is a cornucopia of sugary TV treats. Now that our dear playoff-phobic elves Toronto FC are 75% owned by broadcast giants, it is inevitable that in the name of "content", The Reds will join this Yuletide tradition. With Sportsnets, GolTV's and TSNesses to be stuffed like stockings; TFC will be expected to put out their share of quality family holiday entertainment...
11. The Ontario Teachers' Pension Fund presents: "Scrooge" - a BellGlobe Media / Rogers Communications Co-Production
10. "Deck the Jeremy Hall"
9. "Bob de Klerk'sh Shexshy Amshterdam Krishtmash"
8. "Collin Samuel Eats Your Turkey"
7. Dwayne De Rosario's "I'll be Home... then in New York... then in D.C. for Christmas"
6. "Adrian Cann's Really, Really, Good-Looking Seasonal Soiree"
5. "Miracle on 34 Points"
4. "The Nutcracker: Mikael Yourassowsky Slide Tackles Santa"
3. "Elf - Joao Plata's Christmas in Quito"
2. "The Jacob Peterson All-American Freedom Xenophobic X-mas Jamboree" brought to you by Ford F-150, the National Rifle Association and Our Lord - The Baby Jesus Christ
1. "St. Nick Soolsma's Meowy Christmas for Cats"

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