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Monday, January 30, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Dutch influences on Toronto FC's new training facility

"Stop loafing Frings, that windmill ain't gonna build itself!"

The biggest investment in Toronto FC this year will not come in the way of a Designated Player but in a group of buildings and pitches in the city's north end. The new TFC training facility, due to open this May in Downsview Park, will arguably be the finest club training facility in North American professional football. Being the new home of TFC Academy and the first team means it will cater to the playing style demanded by Aron Winter, Bob de Klerk and new Academy Direct Thomas Rongen. Being that these men all cut their footballing teeth in the "total" world of Dutch football, there may be a few additional touches brought in to add to the Netherlands atmosphere...
11. Academy prospects awoken every morning by hard Rotterdam techno blasting through speakers
10. Smoking is not only allowed... but encouraged
9. A "Red Light District" set-up near practice field will feature Jim Brennan dancing behind glass
8. Giant windmill will be visible from the 401
7. Adjacent Downsview Airport runway absolutely filled with KLM jumbo jets
6. Academy players encouraged to grow Ruud Gullit style dreadlocks and moustache
5. Pancake Day is EVERYDAY!
4. Only cleaning product allowed in washrooms is "Ajax"
3. International War Criminals tried by tribunal in parking lot
2. All TV's tuned into 24-hour marathon of Rutger Hauer films
1. Nearby subway station re-named "Downshview"

All Rutger - all the time!

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  1. Trainees only allowed mayo on their lunch fries not ketchup.