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Monday, January 2, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC New Year's resolutions

"Wow Jimmy, looks great! Now get it to Anselmi - Chop! Chop!"

That's it - the holidays are over. Take down the lights, put the tree in a chipper and tell the Mayans to bugger off. Nothing but months of sleet, cold and snow to look forward to now... unless you're a TFC supporter! Like a Dutch groundhog, Bob de Klerk has seen his shadow and it's under four weeks until The Reds' return for pre-season. A new year brings with it hope for better things and a fresh start. Much like their supporters though, those involved with Toronto FC aren't immune to making the odd New Year's resolution...
11. Nick Soolsma to try and cut down on pre-match catnip
10. MLSE to decide on sexy celeb couple name for new owners between "Bellgers", "Rogell" and "Be Ro"
9. Torsten Frings to attempt to wear ballcaps forwardly
8. Reggie Lambe to try harder not to get upset over bloggers' inability to pass up "lamb" and "Bermuda Triangle" related puns
7. BMO Field food services to try and tell people the truth about what's really in Chip Buttys
6. Mikael Yourassowsky to try and look less like a comic supervillain
5. Jim Brennan to perfect his Mocha Latte
4. Training staff to help club lose 180 lbs. / cut Ty Harden
3. Aron Winter to not rest until red skinny ties are featured in an issue of Dutch GQ
2. Bitchy the Hawk to be less bitchy... more hawky
1. Quit sucking

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