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Monday, March 19, 2012

THE STARTING 11: BMO Field's new Toronto FC player-inspired food stands

"Soolsma promised me it was 'delectable'..."

One of the annual traditions for a select few TFC supporters is the pre-season food-tasting event at BMO Field. A "lucky" few fans go behind the scenes to try the new concessions on offer for the season, which usually include politically correct, offensive to none, "football" food such as " Jerked Toad-in-a-hole-in-a Belgian Waffle Pizzas". For 2012 however, things may have been taken to a whole new level in matchday face-stuffing choices. Why just offer single items when you can open a whole Reds-inspired concession stand?
11. "Reggie Lambe Kebabs"
10. "Duane D. Rozarioh's Jerk Hut"
9. "Terry Dunfield Tastes Your Pie"
8. "The Goalblerone" Fine Swiss Chocolates
7. "Collin Samuel's Half-Eaten Food Recycling Depot"
6. "Miguel Aceval's Frozen Chilly Chile Chili"
5. "Is This Cat Food?" by Nick Soolsma
4. "Adrian Cann's Really, Really, Good-Looking Protein Shakes"
3, "Ty Harden Knocks Over Your Coffee"
2. "Herr Frings' Bavarian Pulled Hammy"
1. "The Silva Plata"


  1. And most of it will be "Frei"d.

  2. Molson "Ecks" anyone?

  3. "Ty Harden knocks over your coffee." arf.