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Thursday, May 10, 2012

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT - Toronto v Montreal... or When will the bleeding stop?

My apologies for the delay.  I'm sick.  Sore throat, congestion, the whole shooting match.

Sure, Toronto hasn't won a game in the MLS so far, but when you think of it, they haven't done too bad in all other competitions in 2012.  1-2-1 in Champs League and unbeaten in V-Cup.

OK, optimism over.  There isn't much of an excuse as to why this side is as mediocre as they are.  They should have a winning record with this side.  Maybe a little 3-3-2 or something like that.  But no.  Last Saturday's match was such a scam, Groupon would have to offer refunds.

And optimism isn't flying high around the stands.  Predictions were 2-0, 2-1 for les Fromages, but there were 2-0 and a gutsy 2-1 after extra time for the mighty Robins.

Onto the match.

2' - GOAL - No f'ing way!  Plata has a go in front of a crowded new and gets blocked, but the deflection lands on the path of Lambe who buries it.

15' - RED - Wha?  Eckserley gets sent off for what, we have no idea.  Early theories included the Illuminati, the Saudis, both George Bushes, the North Koreans (and Kim Jong-Il is still alive), al-qaeda and the Girl Guides of Canada.  After reviewing the tape (yes, we have the technology), it was declared a stomp on Ubiparipovic, which I don't think was remotely intentional.  Stupid ref.

19' - Avila has a go from in close to be parried away by Ricketts

38' - GOAL - Cann takes a swing from 12 yds out and the deflection ends up in front of Johnson who buries it.

40' - YELLOW - Cann for a non-foul. Stupid ref.

Quote of the Match
Corradi is a Gaddafi
~ Tony calling it like he sees it

43' - Plata's trademark "too many touches" gets him closed down but this time beats a defender or two and scoots the ball to Johnson who just fires it wide.

Half-Time mood : I'm going to go with relief.

56' - SUB - Avila comes off for Dunfield

67' - SUB - Plata makes way for Hall

73' - SUB - Lambe gets a nice round of applause and makes way for the returning Soolsma.

4 minutes of extra time (for WHAT?!?!)

90+3' - Soolsma gets a break down the wing and though he could've taken it, lays an oh-so-pretty ball across for Johnson who goes low but is stopped by the diving Ricketts.  Heady stuff here.

Full Time : Toronto 2, Montreal 0

Man of the Match :  Frings.  The guy was everywhere tonight.

Goat of the Game : none, surprisingly.

Ref Rating : When he wasn't handing out bookings for made up stupid shit, he wasn't bad. We'll give the crew 2 out of 5.

Did we mention that Frings was everywhere? Well, he was... This is the second time this season that Toronto loses someone to a straight red and play BETTER than they were.  I'm thinking we need to play more 4-3-2... Both of Toronto's goals, though well earned and reflective of their dominance, were off of defensive deflections.  Not complaining in the slightest... I know TFC have to market their away kits to the home support and all, but we should never have to wear them.  Unless they're some awesome navy/silver striped kit.  We are available for kit design consultation... Lambe's acquisition is turning into the diamond in the rough kinda thing that we always hope for.  He's aggressive and doesn't quit... Felt bad for Ecks as he was running the right side of the pitch very well, turning guys inside out and got an early shower for an ill-timed block... I'm still in shock every time I see Soolsma do something good.  The 2011 version angered me so much that it's going to take a while for the 2012 version to erase him from the memory banks.  Perhaps a hat trick will do it... The mighty Robins played with heart and no quit, polar opposite of the side on Saturday.  More team talks for everyone!

Anyone interested in The Yorkies Set 2011 of cards, please inquire within as there are a handful of sets remaining.

Player Ratings : Kocic 6.5, Eckersley N/A, Cann 6, Henry 6, Morgan 6.5, deGoo 6, Frings 7, Avila 6.5 [Dunfield 6], Lambe 6.5 [Soolsma 6], Johnson 6.5, Plata 6 [Hall N/A]

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  1. Those are some low ratings. Kocic, Cann, Henry and Lambe should be higher IMO

  2. The 2012 version of Soolsma never fails to surprise me. I think he was the first robot clone. What a fun night though eh?

  3. 2011 soolsma was just fine. there really hasn't been that much difference between the 2. seriously.

  4. I think he's got extra pace this year; sharper in the corners and quicker on that turnaround. And I don't think he found his game until the last few months of the year - which is when I started to warm to him. Hey, I bought a shirt showing my love!