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Friday, September 21, 2012

THE VESTAN STANDA SKYRSLU: Fram v Stjarnan... Or… Five year plans in Iceland are Fimm ára áætluns

We wish TFC were the "Fram of MLS"

Those of you who visit this site regularly enjoy the irreverent stylings of THE SOUTH STAND REPORT – written during all TFC home matches from BMO Field’s South Stand by The Yorkies’ own @ignirtoq – that’s his Twitter handle – he’s not from Lapland. After years of intrepid match chronicling, we ordered our cub reporter on a vacation to "the islands". Instead of The Caribbean, he chose the British Isles and Iceland. Being the good Yorkie he is, he was magnetically pulled to a local football match, taking in the Icelandic Urvalsdeild Division’s marquee Fram v Stjarnan matchup at Reykjavik’s largest ground. Enjoy and remember… "There’s only one Bjork…"
Fall football is magic time. Oh sure, the 'their blau' are having a rough go lately, 3rd from the bottom and 5 points from relegation safety, but who doesn't like a match with the backdrop of survival to set the scene?
Stjarnan and their internet fame mire in mid-table. No European appearances in their immediate future, but perhaps another YouTube video in their future.
A crisp night at the Laugardalsvollur with temperatures around 3C. 1500 ISK and you're in for this derby.*
* Fun fact, there's likely three derbies each round as most clubs play in Reykjavik.
Onto the match...


10' - Fram free kick curled around the wall and a great diving stop by the Stjarnan keeper.
18' - Stjarnan misses a wide open net after a cross was headed down then bounced over the bar.
19' - Stjarnan vocal support has more song selection than Toronto does. Sound like a male chorus. They have a version of the ragtime classic "The Entertainer" that needs to be ninja'd.
27' - YELLOW – STJ # 24 gets booked for a hard tackle on FRAM # 6
37' - Stjarnan almost get one as a collision between Fram keeper and STJ # 22 leaves the keeper on the ground and a wide open goal. After he pots it, ref calls a foul on the challenge.
45+1' - YELLOW – STJ # 13 was booked for a bad challenge on FRAM # 24, then crashes into another Fram player and gets shocked over the card.
Half-Time Mood : Chilly. Stjarnan has controlled much of the game and like to use the width of the pitch. Fram like gradual build-ups and sometimes catch Stjarnan's defence off guard, their keeper is up to the task.

Laugardalsvöllur Stadium: Bjork not pictured

60' - YELLOW – FRAM # 9 was turned inside out and took out his marker. Almost studs up.
64' - RED – STJ # 4 desperate tackle in the penalty area. Straight to the showers, right call.
64' - PENALTY - Miss! FRAM # 9 Baggio's the sh*t outta the ball. Stjarnan ultras jaw with Fram supporters. Getting gritty.
70' - SUB – STJ # 27 for STJ # 20, STJ # 10 on for STJ# 24
70' - Stjarnan defender bails out his side with a last ditch interception of a low cross to boot it out.
73' - GOAL – FRAM # 11 first shot parried by the keeper, rebound rolled in by FRAM # 6
76' - SUB – STJ # 26 off for STJ # 3
80' – FRAM # 9 crosses low for FRAM # 4, heads it towards the wide post, but cleared.
83' - SUB – FRAM # 17 comes on for FRAM # 24
86' – STJ # 10 free kick curls it over the bar. At least they're not folding.
87' - YELLOW - FRAM # 1 for delaying the game. He then rage kicks the ball 70 yards up the pitch... Damn son.
89' - SUB - FRAM # 29 in for FRAM # 15 to kill some time.
3 minutes of extra time
90' – STJ # 11 has a go from 20yds out and just puts it over the bar.
Quote of the Game:
"Beat the Traffic"
~ My girlfriend on people rushing out to get ahead of the nearly 300+ supporters in attendance
90+2' - GOAL - Wow! First shot rattled of the bar, rebound collected by STJ # 22 and buried. What a turnaround. No fancy goal celebration though. (See below for Stjarnan's finest)
90+3' – STJ # 10 nearly poaches the whole match chipping the keeper and the bar, just barely.
Full Time: Fram 1, Stjarnan 1
Man of the Match: The Stjarnan keeper made many critical leaping stops.
Goat of the Game: FRAM # 9 for missing two golden opportunities. Surprised he wasn't taken off after the second bad miss.
Ref Rating: 4 out of 5. Kept control and conviction. Didn't appear to be playing a favourite.
Opinion: Stjarnan "Ultras" supporters have more than 5 songs and less than 20... Away fans outnumbered the home side... The hot dogs smelled delicious. Sold out by half time. No merch. No 50-50 draws. No constant advertising too. If there is a paradise, Reykjavik is close... The game was hard fought, plenty of space, some skill. Not as fast as, say, MLS, but entertaining none the less... The TFC scarf I wore got me odd looks. Or the fact that we were the only two people in the ground not speaking Icelandic. Almost wore The Yorkies' scarf, but figured the world renowned Toronto FC would make instant fame.
FC Sjtarnan (tonight's opponent) and possibly the greatest goal celebration of all time...

@ignirtoq is on vacation for the next few weeks and there are 3 more games on the sched. If you must know, they're Wigan v Fulham, Hearts v Kilmarnock and Queens Park v Annan Athletic.

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