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Monday, October 22, 2012

THE STARTING 11: FIFA13 features if Toronto FC developed the game

No goals after 45'? So realistic!

For many Toronto FC fans it is more pleasurable to immerse oneself into the artificial video game world of football rather than face the daily grind that is real-life Reds supporting. Every year around this time, the most successful football video game franchise, EA's "FIFA" series, releases its annual version. The game comes stacked with annual improvements and features that push the boundaries of realism and excitement - the FIFA13 version being no different. Luckily, MLSE has yet to dip their financial tentacles into the video game development market because if they had, FIFA13 may not be the respite from real-life that TFC supporters crave...
11. New "Jimmy B Career Mode (TM)" lets you stay employed no matter what you accomplish at a club
10. Paul Mariner endorses the game as "...the best video game of the digital era"
9. You can buy a new copy at FIFA07 prices
8. Advanced trick moves include "The Jeremy Hall 90 degree SuperShank"
7. In-depth international player scouting covers English League One, Bermuda and the Puerto Rico Islanders
6. None of the stadiums have a roof
5. Crowd noise audio feature has two settings: "The Dichio Song" and "Apathetic Mumble"
4. Instead of a "GAME OVER" screen there is a long, half-hearted apology from Tom Anselmi promising that FIFA14 "must get better"
3. They forgot to include Eric Avila
2. You can choose between: "1", "3" or "5 Year Plan"
1. "Manager Mode" only lasts for 15 months

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