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Monday, November 26, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Re-branded titles for Toronto FC's management duo

"It's yo birfday... go out there and take what you want..."

Whether you believe in their ability to reverse TFC's fortunes or not, you would have to concede that Paul Mariner and Earl Cochrane are losing the PR war. Fresh from the verbal to-and-fros that were the TFC Town Halls, it is evident that the club's management team needs to be painted in a rosier light. Much like previous successful re-brands (Crystal Pepsi, New Coke, Diet Cherry Crab Juice etc.) our faithful football leaders just need to jazz up their title so that the kids and the hipsters think they are groovy and such. Here are just a few choices for you gentlemen... it's a moniker shop, go out and take what you want...
11. "Canada's Next Top Management Team"
10. "My Two Dads" (submitted by Eric A.)
9. "The Make-A-Wiedeman Foundation"
8. "The 5th Beatle... and the 6th Moody Blue"
7. "Pearlgelina"
6. "Seven Year Itchy & Scratchy"
5. "Earlinem and 50 Pence"
4. "The Global Warmers" (eliminating Winter once and for all)
3. "Paul Mariner feat. Earl Cochrane"
2. Paul & Oates
1. "President's Choice - Memories of Year One"


  1. You forgot to add this for #2 on the list:

    Great list. :)

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