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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The TFC Retro-Fit, Part 2 : The Badge

So our discussions of nerding out over the idea of a retro kit was on the basis of our love of past kits.  Not necessarily the most memorable ones based on hideousness or outright fame but rather the fondness of a bygone era of not-quite prima donnas and simplicity.

It was put forth that the design should be this simple. Like so...

Without the "Wrangler" on the front, but you get the idea.  Old-style Adidas, pinstripes, v-neck collar.

But first we need a crest.  The current TFC crest looked way too modern, or way too circa-2008.  We tend to believe that its look is dated but we don't exactly know how yet.  So we had two schools of thought : a 60's/70's style crest - either artistic like English crests of the era - or something minimalist from the Soviet school of thought.

This is the take on the 70's English style, something that would look good in the centre of a rosette.  Rope border, civic representation, spelling out of the full name, starting first with the city flag incorporated in 1972 and then adjusted to the colours to match the club.  The city crest would've taken too long so forgive me.  It was decided that we chose the year of incorporation and not their first season of 2007 as the date on the crest.

However, the one that I think turned out the best was the Soviet style.  The colours that TFC uses as secondary, the two shades of grey, make for a perfect cold-war pallet.  The first idea was to consider the names that adorned many clubs in that time (and plenty still do) : CSKA, Spartak, Torpedo, Dynamo, Lokomotiv.

Wanting desperately to revisit the Lokomotiv Toronto crest I did earlier in the year as a joke, I realized that deviating too far away from the name of the club would defeat the purpose of this re-imagining.  So we scrapped that idea and just went for Toronto FC.  In Cyrillic.

(yes, it's this rediculous)

Come back tomorrow for the final installment of The TFC Retro-Fit, Part 3 : The Kit.


  1. Enjoy where this is going.. i think the dark laurels of # 3 should go on # 4 - then perfect! fun to look at

    1. I would agree as the crest evolved. Come back tomorrow and see the proposed jersey and see if you still think that should be the case.

      Not being a smart ass, it's more of a contrast/graphic design thing.

  2. I am dying you guys - seriously. This is so amazingly perfect.

    1. OK, since we're past the crest unveiling, I'm more at ease of the hype. 3pm. Tomorrow. Hope you like.

    2. I don't think there's any possible way that I won't.

  3. 3pm tomorrow? I'll be there.

    I trust there's no sponsor to bastardise this, or if so it's at least a cool, toronto related sponsor, like mill st or steam whistle or the brass rail or something. ooh, club paradise's old logo. or maybe something more respectable, I dunno.

  4. Take the 3rd logo with the dark laurels and you've got a great looking beer bottle logo. Lokomotiv beer anyone?