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Monday, March 4, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Similarities between Toronto FC and the Toronto Blue Jays

Exhibition Stadium: The BMO Field of baseball

You've got a diamond. You've got 9 men. You've got a hat, and a bat, and that's not all. You got the bleachers, got 'em from spring 'til fall... well except for that one day a year when those metrosexual soccer players rent your park. With Toronto's foot and ballers about to (very annoyingly) open their season at "The House that George Bell Built" we came to the shocking realization that TFC and our pajama-aficionado base and balling pals the Blue Jays aren't all that different. Let's go score some innings!

11. Both have addictions to adding more and more maple leafs to their uniforms
10. When Tony Fernandez was traded to San Diego, Cito Gaston told him "he wanted to send him to a last-place team and let him burn in the heat"

9. The Jays had Cecil Fielder, TFC had Collin Samuel

8. Neither have much time for Mariners
7. Terry Dunfield and Lloyd Moseby bought their sock tassels from the same store

6. Dave Stieb's moustache was referred to as the "best box-to-box facial hair in baseball's modern era"
5. Andrew Wiedeman is widely recognized as the "Garth Iorg of midfielders"

4. Neither team wants to share their stadium with the Argos

3. BJ Birdy and Bitchy the Hawk have both killed a man

2. Neither made the playoffs before their ninth season
1. One was built on Gillicks - the other built on gimmicks

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