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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Laba results are in... It’s positive. (NOW WITH 50% MORE OFFICIAL!)

The "$1.35 Million Dollar Man"?

UPDATED: Shockingly, between Argentinos Juniors announcing the deal yesterday and today, Matias Laba's plane wasn't diverted and his transfer didn't vanish somewhere over Brazil. Instead, your Toronto Eff Cee's officially announced the Argentine starlet's signing this morning.

Laba becomes the club's first "Young DP" but as per MLS blah, blah, blah there are no finances discussed. Sadly, Young DP has little to do with Young MC but with Laba's hefty (MLS hefty) transfer fee, he will be expected to bust many a move.

Yesterday's article below...

You know how the old saying goes: "when one Argentine door closes, another Argentine midfielder opens up". Then they say something in Spanish. Then they complain about The Falkland Islands for a bit. Then we tango.
Hot on the heels of Toronto FC withdrawing (or vice-versa) from a potential deal to bring Argentine striker Maximiliano Urruti to town, a full transfer for Argentino Juniors' midfielder Matias "Don't make us do that nickname" Laba seems to be done. At least according to this article from the Argentine club's website. Translate into English if you like... the exciting headline becomes "It approved the sale of Laba" - which makes it sound like some mythical decision-making beast runs their club.
Because we play in the secret financial society that is MLS we will likely never know the true value of the transfer fee but most are pegging it in the $1.35 Million range. In a league not known for splashing the cash on transfers this may very well be one of the riskier moves in TFC history. If Laba proves to be the dynamic playmaker TFC craves in the midfield then the club may have bought a 21-year-old on the verge of greatness. If he can't adjust to life in MLS... whooo boy - the criticism will not be pretty.
We await Toronto FC to officially brand this deal as "FIN" but you can't fault Reds supporters for holding their breath until he's holding up that maple leafy kit. Laba is apparently en route to Toronto in the next 24 hours but who knows what malarkey can occur in the air between here and Buenos Aires? As they say in Argentina "stay tuned!". Then they say "The Falklands are the Malvinas!" so take it with a pinch of salt.

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