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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Morrow... You're only a trade away..."

This is the opening sentence where you expect us to crack wise about the latest Toronto FC transaction. But no. There is nothing negative to say. It is simply the kind of deal that slowly makes MLS sides better. The kind of deal that most MLS clubs make. The kind of deal that TFC has avoided like the plague for eight years. Until now.

That's a positive.

As part of T-Bez's Reds roster re-load, a few more of TFC's magic allocation coins were shuffled off to San Jose for 26-year old defender Justin Morrow. The versatile American can slot in at both centreback and fullback offering Ryan Nelsen some interesting options. With 71 appearances, including 21 starts for San Jose in 2013, Morrow is very much the type of player that should be providing depth on a MLS squad with visions of playoffs dancing in their head.

In no way are we trumpeting this as the second coming of Kreis (MLS Cup gag - relevant) but it is great to see sober maneuvers early in the off-season. Since 2007, the answer to filling in depth, especially on defence, has been a series of international "up n' comers" such as Raivis Hscanovics, Maxim Usanov, Lesly Fellinga or USL "grads" such as Marco Velez or (take your pick). This type of move is the kind that TFC has lacked, and one that is more than welcomed.

Normalcy. We're practically giddy.

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