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Monday, December 2, 2013

THE STARTING 11: TFC Black Friday bargains


What symbolizes joy to the world and goodwill towards men more than getting in a fist fight over a children's toy at your local Walmart? Black Friday weekend has spewed its brand of warm and fuzzy feelings across the strip malls of North America and beyond, giving all the true meaning of the holidays at a can't miss 40% off! Never ones to miss an opportunity to make a cheap buck pass on savings to valued customers, MLSE opened the doors to the TFC Merchandise booths so the bottom of your Christmas Tree could be sullied adorned with this cheap tat glorious club memorabilia...
11. Half-price on "Bind-Us-All"® brand Red Threads

10. Mismatched Terry Dunfield sock tassels sold by the kilogram

9. Best offer on a bunch of unclaimed monogrammed towels embroidered with the initials "K.P."

8. Canada's largest selection of Julio Cesar merchandise!

7. 30% off all luxury hawk-feather throw pillows

6. Jars of "Erotic Butty Body Butter" for only $9.99!

5. 3-For-1 on all Tim Leiweke promises

4. Personalized elbow to the face from TFC legend Darel Russell

3. Collectible DVD "Maxi Urruti - The Toronto FC Era" (Running Time: 30 Minutes/ 7 Minutes of unseen bonus footage)

2. Buy 1 get 320 free Inukshuks!!!


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