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Monday, February 17, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Ways that Toronto FC spend the long weekend

From our family to yours...

Family Day. The ancient Mesopotamian holiday where Canadians (Some, not all. Suck it New Brunswick) are forced to choose a member of their family to give up for Lent. Or something along those lines. Either way... DAY OFF! Even though they may not work the human drudgery that is 9-to-5 living, professional footballers enjoy themselves a long weekend as well. Before getting back into full pre-season mode, members of TFC get to spend one more day doing whatever they like...

11. DWAYNE DE ROSARIO: Dramatically air-signing giant invisible "Happy Family Day" cards

10. DONEIL HENRY: Getting ready for the season by inviting angry Scottish people to come over and tell him where to stand in raised voices

9. BITCHY THE HAWK: Spending a quiet day at home with husband "Bastard the Eagle"

8. EMERY WELSHMAN: Finishing the book "101 Things to Do in Wilmington"

7. MICHAEL BRADLEY: Lather, Shave, Rinse, Repeat

6. JOE BENDIK: Working on his "I'm super cool with Julio Cesar being here" smile. Failing.

5. JERMAIN DEFOE: Going through box 8/207 of Toronto-area WAG applications for the month of April

4. REGGIE LAMBE: Desperately trying to convince Drake that he really does play for TFC

3. BRADLEY ORR: Getting to know the City of Toronto. Headbutting local landmarks.

2. MATIAS LABA: Spending it on loan. CORRECTION: Spending it alone

1. TIM LEIWEKE: Crank-calling the Philadelphia Union GM, telling him that "my weekend is way longer than yours". Hanging up in fit of giggles.


  1. It's not a statutory holiday.

    Everyone working today

  2. yep.
    not even getting double time or anything, though at least the drive in was quick, that's something.