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Monday, March 17, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Ways Toronto FC celebrated their win in Seattle

"More than enough to drink at home..."

Well that was a bit of fun wasn't it? It's far too early to start planning any parades but even the most optimistic of your TFC supporters didn't honestly expect an opening day win in Seattle. But alas, on the backs of their shiny new signings, The Reds bagged 3 points and deserved a little post-match celebration! Where better to luxuriate in victory than the Sasquatch and caffeine laden city of Seattle, Washington but what do happy Reds do with a free night in the Emerald City?

11. Threw an Xbox through a hotel window

10. Toronto-born players gathered under the Space Needle and made inadequate phallic gestures while giggling uncontrollably

9. Stefan Frei and Joe Bendik secretly met for a quiet meal. Held hands. Wept gently.

8. Found famous Seattle street musician "Spoonman"... watched on as Jackson tackled him from behind

7. Jim Brennan spent evening in hotel business center emailing resume to Seattle Sounders for all of their jobs

6. Icing Mark Bloom's manbits after the Clint Dempsey punch. Repeat.

5. Went Bigfoot spotting. Closest they got was seeing Sigi Schmid eating a donut in the woods.

4. Alvaro Rey dribbled through the surviving members of Nirvana

3. All-night "Frasier" box-set marathon in Chris Konopka's room! Anyone?

2. Jermain Defoe celebrated scoring twice by scoring another seven times overnight

1. Coffee stupor!

No Jackson he's just trying to feel the rhythm with his hands!

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