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Friday, May 16, 2014

Issey the real life? Reds trade Nakajima-Farran to Montreal in surprising deal

Everybody outta the pool...

You mean I was growing out my samurai hair-do for nothing? Thanks a bunch TFC.

In a move that shocked even the most hardened to The Reds penchant for oddities, the club announced this morning that it had sent Canadian winger Issey Nakajima-Farran and allocation money to hated rival Montreal for American central midfielder Collen Warner.

On the surface it is a head-scratcher - possibly TFC paying off a cheese debt - as Issey had proven to be a valuable and cost-effective wide player. While younger, the 25-year-old Warner has a higher salary and TFC have given up useful allocation to acquire him. The move also leaves The Reds with a complete lack of options out wide as Warner is certainly of the centrally roaming ilk.

You can forgive TFC supporters, ourselves included, for panic when the news broke as this deal has more than a whiff of past transaction errors. However, there also seems to be a vibe around the club that this isn't the end game in regards to player movement. Whispers are circling (Brek Shea anyone?) that TFC post-World Cup will have a few new faces and this move may be the first in setting up further deals. If fan reaction to this deal is anything to go on - it better be.

As has been with TFC since 2007 - the only constant is change.

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