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Monday, September 15, 2014

THE STARTING 11: TFC coach employment perks

Let's face it - if Toronto FC coaches were wild animals, they'd occupy the endangered species list somewhere between pandas and unicorns. Since the club's inception, a wide array of motley crews (not Motley Crue cuz that would be awesome) have patrolled the sidelines under a number of different managers. Some were experienced veterans of the game, some were as green as they come... some got the job for PR and only recently departed. Ahem. Either way, it's a tough track suit to put on but there are some terrific perks to the job that keep those resumes coming in!

11. You get to live in Bitchy the Hawk's box rent-free for 2 whole weeks!

10. There are millions of dollars in MLSE non-disclosure agreement funds to be had upon your inevitable sacking

9. Mark Bloom is your personal butler

8. The minimum level of success expected: better than Jim Brennan

7. Always the chance that one day the coaches' bench will get picked to get free promotional pizza slices at halftime!

6. One day Jermain Defoe may talk to you!

5. Zero experience no detriment to professional advancement

4. A solid 8 months job security

3. "It's a nice little job for you to learn stuff by"

2. Medical, dental, butty

1. A 1 in 5 chance that you're the next manager

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