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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Union take a pass on TFC's extras

The grinding of teeth you may have heard this afternoon would have been Preki's when he realized that MLS new boys Philadelphia didn't make his life easier. Amado Guevara would seem to be the 300 pound headache in the TFC dressing room and the new manager was likely hoping that Union would relieve him of the Honduran. But alas, Philadelphia did not select any of TFC's unprotected lot and Guevara will have to be dealt with by Team Preki another day.

Good news however would be that TFC manages to hold on to Brian Edwards as their back-up goalkeeper. Despite the 5-o drubbing by New York at the end of the season, which no one should blame Edwards for, he is a very capable # 2 to Stefan Frei and the duo make a nice tandem.

So The Reds stay intact for another day with changes most likely on the horizon. The only real negative to come out of today was that Chad Barrett's inclusion on the protected list actually wasn't a joke and he will most likely be starting on day one of 2010. Maybe the new NASL is having a draft - he'd look great as an Atlanta Silverback!

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