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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear St. Nick... not Garcia

Dear Santa,

We are a football team from Toronto, Canada and this year we were very good boys. We may not be the best team around but we try not to get too many red cards and we often let other teams win so they will feel good about themselves. Our dad Mo says we are a great bunch of boys even if our new Uncle Preki doesn't seem to like all of us.

Here is our Christmas wish list Santa. We hope you can bring us everything we ask for. Please don't make Little Chad cry. We will leave you out a Chip Butty and a Carlsberg on Christmas Eve before we go to bed. Sorry we don't have a chimney - watch out for the hawk, she bites.

- Permanent Argos Repellent
- Some decent pre-game music
- Chip Butty stain remover
- An Automatic Corn Row Setter
- A Kick-Ass new lawnmower
- A new Fitness Coach
- A year's supply of Hawk-Chow
- Make all of our games only 75 minutes long
- Some new African trialists
- Please make MLSE love us
- Oh, and 2 defenders, 2 wingers and an established striker

Thanks Santa, oh… if you have an extra MLS Cup in your sack, that would be great too!

Love, The Reds.


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