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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Double Blue won't move to home of the Reds

The fears of many Toronto FC supporters were eased today as reports then confirmation arrived announcing that the Toronto Argonauts can and will not move to BMO Field in 2010. What started out as loud whispers from the CFL Board of Governors meeting in Las Vegas was later confirmed by the Argos themselves. After studies were completed, BMO Field was proclaimed as not currently equipped to house gridiron properly.

The main stumbling block of the proposed move was that without an estimated 15-20 Million Dollar retro-fit of BMO, a CFL regulation size field could not fit within the current confines. Credit must be given to the CFL for not bending on a feature of their game that indeed makes it different from the NFL. Allowing the Argos to bend such a big aspect of their sport would have been a black-eye for the league and it seems as if that message was loud and clear.

There were other factors that came into play such as the inadequate size of TFC's locker rooms and general gameday facilities that are far too small for a gridiron team. Without the money being available to make these changes to BMO, the league was not interested in coddling two owners whose recent commitment to the Argos has been in question.

The Argos ownership team of Howard Sokolowski and David Cynamon immediately released a statement proclaiming the great virtues of their current home, the Rogers Centre, and its many great features which their fans love. No doubt a quick move of damage control on their part as this whole proposal has been mired in controversy and ill will on both sides of the football from the get go. What the stadium decision does to their status as team owners is anyone’s guess.

It is now up to Cynamon and Sokolowski to negotiate a new deal with Rogers Centre that suits their interests as much as possible. Many TFC fans are no doubt hoping it can be a solid 4 or 5 year lease so that this story doesn't continue to be an annual Boatmen tradition. In the meantime, MLSE will hopefully continue to tailor BMO Field for TFC/ CSA football only and the club and the sport can have security in the fact that BMO Field is indeed "Our House".


  1. I know this is after the fact but TFC supporters need look no further than Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton to see a venue that has hosted the Canadian national side on a prestine natural surface as well as the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos for decads with no drawbacks or conflicts.

    As far as intimacy goes, look no further than the Air Canada Centre to see an example of endzone seating that can be changed out seamlessly between hockey and basketball.

    The right groundskeeping would keep everyone happy. Do the BlueJays play on the Argos' gridiron today?

    The nightmare that was the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium was because the landlord didn't see enough of a payback from an MLS game in comparison to NFL gameday revenues to give a shit. This would certainly not be the case with the Argos at BMO.

    So we know its not happening anyways and everyone here is happy. But there's no reason to get your knickers in knots if this was approached the right way.

  2. Much of the fear from TFC fans was exactly in relation to what you said. There was a lot of worry that it simply wouldn't be done the right way and BMO would be the Nu-Giants.

    Oh well, nothing to fear... for now. Knickers duly un-knotted.