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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cooler heads agree to keep negotiating new MLS agreement

------------------"I once bargained an agreement thiiiis big!"

Signs of intelligent life indeed exist within the ranks of Major League Soccer's ownership and players' union. The two sides today have agreed to continue negotiating on a new collective bargaining agreement until at least February 12th. Obviously someone in New York got a text that said "Yo Don - dont lockout MLS - U R not NFL dude! LOL" or something along those lines.

In a straightforward but slightly optimistic press release from MLS headquarters, commissioner Don Garber laid out the current state of negotiations. “While we still have areas of disagreement, the talks have been constructive and both parties believe it makes sense to continue to work hard to reach agreement. This extension provides both MLS and the players the opportunity to continue our discussions while clubs are in training camps preparing for the 2010 MLS season.”

Credit is due on both sides for at least having the foresight not to delay training camps and hopefully the 2010 season. As stated here and throughout most of the MLS observing world - a shutdown could be a damaging, if not fatal, blow to the young league. This extension is at the least a promising sign that the two sides are finding some common ground and will work towards a resolution. 2010 is far too important a year for MLS without wasting time on legal mumbo-jumbo.

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