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Thursday, April 29, 2010

CAPPED! - April 29, 2010

Welcome back to the second edition of Capped! - The Yorkies caption game. Last week's inaugural winner of "wittiest supporter" was "Ricky" with his caption "The TFC grounds crew look to rectify the belief that the pitch is slanted in the favor of the opposition. "

It's time for a new round now. Give us your best caption of this pic and try to outwit ours...

Mo weighs up his options - Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown

There you go would-be-captioners - do your best (or worst). If you are an anonymous commenter you might want to leave a name after your quote in case you win. Again, there's no prizes but how else will you brag to the guys at the pub that you are "the week's wittiest supporter". See how many pints it gets ya! My guess... minus 1.


  1. "I miss Carver. He thinks I'm a decent guy."

    - Hibs Boy

  2. Where should I go for my next "Scouting Trip"?

    By: Seth

  3. 2 wins in a row - that's worth 2 more years for sure.

  4. These dumb blogs really hurt my feelings.

  5. Yeah..... I really like this Chad kid.... I bet he'll win the golden boot...!!! Wait... I want an Ice Cream....

  6. Maybe I can manage Celtic and Rangers.

    - Red Head

  7. As the light hearted chit-chat at the weekly TFC managerial meeting began to turn to more pressing matters, like the future direction of the club, Mo's mind began to wonder to thoughts of better times, like that FA Cup final in '84 or his last candle lit dinner with Carver.

  8. "Edson Buddle was a fluke. So was Casey, and Cunningham." - Manny

  9. "Anselmi is right! The forward position IS deep enough. We just need midfielders. Four or five more should do it! I just need to find them..."