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Thursday, April 29, 2010

THE STARTING 11: More reasons for TFC to win "The NutCan"

"I got your NutCans right here...oh!"

This year's version of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship aka The Canadian Cup aka The Voyageurs Cup aka The NutCan kicked off with a very rough bang as TFC beat L'Impact du Montreal Chateau Neuf du Pape 2-0 at BMO Field. For Reds' supporters it was good to see that Preki and his players took the match seriously and were in it to win it. For the Canucks on the field and in the stands it was easy to get fired up but even for the adopted TFC hosers there are good reasons for winning the trophy...
11. Great for keeping cold drinks in
10. Winners get hilarious "I'VE GOT A NUTCAN" bumper stickers
9. Must get as many trophies as possible before new "superclub" FC Edmonton joins
8. Would help financially-strapped and promotion-starved MLSE get a rare photo-op
7. Because the trophy belongs in Canada's capital city (Insert angry comments below)
6. Collect 4 NutCans - get the 5th free!!!
5. Greedy Vancouver doesn't need another trophy after "Soccer Bowl '79"
4. Makes those Trillium Cup losses less painful
3. it’s at least 3 times bigger than that dinky World Cup trophy
2. American chicks totally dig Canadian soccer trophies
1. Winners actually get a can of nuts


  1. a good paper weight for all the GM applications pouring in to head office

  2. WTF is a Soccer Bowl 79?