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Thursday, May 13, 2010

CAPPED! - May 13, 2010

Welcome back to another week of CAPPED! - The Yorkies' "caption it" game. Last week's winner "Ajax Red" can currently claim to be the "Wittiest Supporter" and we're sure it will mean free meals around town this week! Or maybe just a meatball sub alone in the basement working on new captions. Either way.

On to this week's pic - try to out-caption our resident captionist and steal the crown away from "Ajax Red". We don't want our Durham Region pal to be stuck pouring over a foot-long and a thesaurus for another week do we now? Add your captions, and a name if you like kudos, in the comments section below.

De Ro fell victim to Saric's wacky "Hot Sauce in Jock" gag


  1. Dero stomps on the last shred of Montreal's cup dream.
    - Sal

  2. shit my metatarsal!!! im done!!!
    haha i'm a shoe in for the starting XI for good!

  3. Ehhhw... I think I stepped on shit!!...Probably placentino's...

    - Jerónimo

  4. Dwayne & Martin hated it when Nick La Brocca tried to sneak into their dance routine

    - Ronnie

  5. Saric found de Ro's LaBrocca impression hilarious.

    by Ottawa FC

  6. It was at this moment DeRo regretted his pre-game meal of clams and warm milk.

    - Not Adam Braz

  7. The Scarborough Shuffle in full effect - "Let your backbone slide!"

    maestro fresh pete