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Thursday, May 6, 2010

CAPPED! - May 6, 2010

Welcome back to The Yorkies weekly "Caption It" game CAPPED! Once again we are looking for the week's wittiest supporter and someone to challenge the current holder - last week's winner... "Tuffy". His twistedly funny yet surreal comment was: "Yeah..... I really like this Chad kid.... I bet he'll win the golden boot...!!! Wait... I want an Ice Cream...." Strange, yet delightful... so fitting here!

We have upped the difficulty level with this week's game. This lonely pic from our "pals" down the 401 will take some thinking on. Good luck... as usual, no prizes, but chicks love a good captioner! Right? Leave your caption, and name if you like, below...

"Free Provolone Day" wasn't a big hit at Saputo Stadium


  1. Pardonez moi - is this seat taken?

    - AC Frank

  2. Last Thursday, Montreal Impact held "hardcore supporter appreciation day" and both gentlemen showed up.

  3. Expansion announcement tomorrow - I'm gonna sit here until 2012.

    Pathetic Athletic

  4. So two Anglophones walk into a bar...

  5. dont mean to be a pain, but i believe you are sitting in my seat

  6. I think it's safe to say that we can remove some of these seats to put in a Chip Butty stand!!!

  7. "Qu'est ce que vous chantez...?"
    "There's only two of us here Pierre"

    - Ajax Red

  8. This photo would be a lot easier to caption if it was Dick's Sporting Goods park.

    ECHO! Echo! Echo.