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Friday, May 7, 2010

Bonjour to "The 401 Derby"

"Come on you red lights!"

Bienvenue dans La League du Soccer Majeure mes amis! Ou-est le discotheque no more as Montreal were formally introduced by MLS Commissioner Don Garber today as la league's 19th club. The Pepsi, Joe Louis' and cigarettes are indeed flowing today as the Quebecois club is set to join in 2012. No word yet on when they plan to hold a referendum to separate from the league.
The Saputo family (guess I have to by my Provolone elsewhere now) become the sole owners of the club as MLS will not accept a non-profit organization being part of the ownership. The apron strings to Mama Quebec haven't been cut completely though - La Belle Province stumped up $23 Million dollars to expand Stade Saputo to MLS standards raising the capacity to around 20,000 including a roof structure. (LEFT WING URBAN RANT ALERT) That warms the hearts of Toronto taxpayers whose approximately $14 Billion in city tax revenue leaves here in transfer payments to places like Quebec every year with only about 1 Billion returning in Toronto infrastructure - but hey, we don't need a roof right? (RANT OVER - Thank you for your patience)
There is a major silver lining for Toronto FC though. Finally, the fake-ass Trillium Cup can be put to pasture as can our "rivalry" with Columbus. "The 401 Derby" is on in 2012 as Toronto and Montreal will play each other at least 4 times a year including NutCans. I wonder if Don Garber really knows what he has done. There simply will not be a bigger, meaner, likely chaotic derby in MLS - and that is great for North American football. With Montreal leaving the door open for select matches to be played at the Olympic Stadium, Toronto fans' dreams of sending 5000 down the highway may yet be realized.
No official word yet if Montreal plans to keep the name "Impact" but it seems likely despite it automatically being the worse name in MLS. Oh well, at least Reds' supporters don't have to come up with new chants. So, "Tic-Tac-Tabernac - Bienvenue L'Impact". We hope VIA Rail is ready.

Return of the "Football Special" trains

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