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Monday, May 17, 2010

Herold's dream cut short by health

Sad news emerged from BMO Field today as Toronto FC announced that their top draft pick in 2010, Zachary Herold, has been forced to retire from football due to his health.
The TFC medical team found irregularities with Herold's cardiac results early this year and sent the rookie to a number of specialists to get a specific diagnosis. It was found that the former US U-17 player has a previously undiagnosed heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which causes a thickening of the heart muscle. Sadly for Herold, part of the life-long management of the condition is major restrictions on physical exercise thus forcing his retirement.
Such a setback for a professional athlete is sad at anytime during their career. For someone who trained hard for years to get where they are is bad enough but for a young man to come so close to his dream and have it ended so abruptly must be devastating. We, as all TFC supporters no doubt, wish Zachary all the best and most importantly good health.
Official TFC announcement

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