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Monday, May 17, 2010

THE STARTING 11: New names for Vancouver's MLS club

Vancouver. That's not fog.

Canada's three big cities are like mismatched brothers in a big dysfunctional family. Montreal is suave, artistic, wears fashionable clothes, constantly smokes, needs a bath but is a hit with the ladies. Middle brother Toronto is responsible, an over-achiever with an inferiority complex, often too stuffy and prone to bad relationships (see MLSE). Then there's Vancouver. The really good looking, beach-bum student who lives in the moment and is of course... constantly stoned. With Vancouver about to enter MLS, we thought it was time that their football club's moniker matched its people and lifestyle...
11. Vanchester City (very trendy right now)
10. Olympique du Steve Nash
9. Pottingham Forest
8. Yoga Juniors
7. Deportivo de la Chinese Food
6. Bayer Lenarduzzi
5. Toke City FC ("The Potters")
4. Inter Pam Anderson
3. Granolatasaray
2. Birkenstock Wanderers
1. Crystal Meth Palace


  1. This is, by far, the best thing you guys have EVER come up with. This blows all previous Starting 11's out of the water on so many levels. Genius. Please come post on the Voyageurs forum, we need some 'lighter side of' postings quite badly right now...

  2. Numbers four and one killed me. Pure gold.

  3. You guys are mental! Love it! My girlfriend is Turkish and a veggie - from here on out she is called Granolatasaray! Can you do these more often pleeze?

  4. Genius all around. #3 and #5 in particular killed me.

  5. Bayer Lenarduzzi! Pure Gold! Well done!

  6. Hahahahah. Brilliant stuff! I love your description of our ''Big 3''.

  7. I don't see what the fuss is all about. Stoner humor - real original.

  8. Granolatasaray!!!!



  9. Thank you. : )

  10. I'm TFCRegina...originally enraged by the concept of ruining shitecaps FC...

    Hilarious 1. is perfect for them!