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Monday, May 10, 2010

THE STARTING 11: New names for Montreal's MLS club

Impact. Cheesy, any way you slice it

Blessed are the Cheese-makers! At least in Quebecois football circles. Oui, as we all know by now, Joey Saputo has managed to bring Major League Soccer to Montreal for 2012. The jump up to the top league presents such a grand opportunity for the Saputos to start their new major club off properly - most pressingly with a new name. Montreal Impact is one of the worst remaining dregs of "soccer" names from the mid-1990's when North American teams' names could be confused with roller hockey teams. Montreal doesn't have a great pedigree in club names what with the Manic, Supra and Impact being chosen as not to offend the Anglos or the Francos, but there are such great Montrealer choices available...
11. Real Smoked Meat
10. FC Zenit St-Hubert
9. Just For Laughs Gags FC
8. Montreal Wednesday / Sheffield Mercredi (tie)
7. JoeLouisventus
6. FC Dynamo Mitsou
5. Partizan Poutine
4. Pepsi Saint-Germain
3. Deportivo De La Referendum
2. Spartak Cigarette
1. Sporting Club De Strip


  1. sthe just for laughs one is soo jks. thx 4 makin me laugh

  2. This is one of my favourites so far.

  3. Montreal 1-6ers?

  4. As a transplanted Montrealer I was ready to rip into this but I see at the rest of the site you are about satire. The strip clubs are good though :)
    You can change Toronto FC name to "Maple Leafs 2.0".
    Go Habs - Go Impact

  5. Love that logo!

  6. But Maple Leafs 2.0 does not carry any lols.

  7. Nice triple entendre with the logo.

  8. @Anonymous (part 3)

    Meh, as the resident match reporter/logo maker, all joking aside, we probably hate TFC more than everyone else (have you SEEN this team!?). ;)

    I have nothing against other clubs and what started out as making fun of stupid names *cough*Crew*cough*Galaxy*cough* just took on a life of its own. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Kudos to you for actually checking out the rest of the site before reacting like I just gave your parents the finger while peeing on their lawn. We appreciate the patronage :)