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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

THE STARTING 11: Signs that Chad Barrett is confident

Chayne Barooney

One of the biggest surprises of this TFC season has been the emergence of Chad Barrett as a fairly useful forward. For Reds' supporters who have groaned, rolled their eyes and held their heads after many a Barrett miss - the surprise is welcome. Indeed, under Preki, the striker has found a stable spot in the front of TFC's offence. His new-found confidence is very noticeable, but what about off the field?
11. Asked Jacob Peterson to be his butler
10. Requested his shirt name changed to "Chadinho"
9. Refers to Wayne Rooney as "England's Chad Barrett"
8. Instead of wind sprints he "jive-walks" like George Jefferson
7. Calls TFC's head coach "Prek-Daddy"
6. Refuses towels after post-match shower
5. Has hung a huge "THE GROTTO" sign over locker
4. Only referring to self as "The Chad"
3. Only calls teammates "sport", "hombre" or "guy"
2. Wearing giant gold medallions under his jersey
1. Replaced half-time oranges with "vodka & orange"


  1. I "heart" you guys

  2. Are you saying that Chad Barrett is "movin' on up?"

  3. We "heart" you back Jules! Is it our gold medallions under our shirts though?