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Monday, May 24, 2010

May Two Four TFC 2-4

Queen Victoria: Supported Palace

Yes, it's holiday Monday up here in the Great White North. The first long weekend of the summer - the May Two Four or officially... Victoria Day! For our foreign readers it's the day Canadians celebrate the lady who was instrumental in the foundation of this nation of ours. Not including of course the First Nations people who were here hundreds of years earlier, but we only talk about them in Olympic opening ceremonies.... ooh look fireworks!

The holiday is nicknamed the "Two Four" because it often lands on or around May 24th. To celebrate a day off, the very number 24 and our nation's finest football club, we want to share 24 things that are TFC/ 24 related. Number 24 and TFC are most intertwined as the minute where Danny Dichio scored the club's first goal but here are 24 other things you may like to know. While it's true that they are likely only 1/24th factual, (but hey Wikipedia does it) enjoy them anyways Victorian holidaymakers.

- people who didn't toss their souvenir seat cushion on the field
- (-24) is the 2007 TFC goal difference under head coach Mo Johnston
- attempts before Montreal Impact get a win over TFC
- minutes it took Andrea Lombardo to reach BMO on the Dufferin bus
- red cards Maksim Usanov will have by the end of 2010
- number of excuses told for John Carver's departure
- total combined seconds of effort put in by Carlos Ruiz
- number of calls per day put in to First Wave Agency from BMO Field
- Chad Barrett's high score on Jeopardy
- people who still "really enjoy" singing "The Dichio Song" every match
- seconds it took Jim Brennan to accept his new job as Assistant
- amount of birds Nick Garcia saw when punched in the face
- (-24 C) what MLS Cup will feel like with the November wind chill
- minutes it took Collin Samuel to do a lap around BMO
- MLSE Board members to screw in a lightbulb
- number of Mo Johnston contract extensions still to come
- beers needed before Preki's style of football looks entertaining
- staff members it takes to fluff Julian de Guzman's hair pre-game
- amount of pre-season trialists still living in Mo's basement
- consonants in TFC's Latvian defender's name
- Twinkie wrappers found in Ali Gerba's locker
- number of TFC managers in the club's first 25 years
- days it takes to fully digest one chip butty
- years left on Mo's 5-Year Plan

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  1. lolz thier all frikkin funny. escpecially the last one