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Friday, August 20, 2010

Got the skills to pay some bills

At least Marvell Wynne did well

MLS salaries and the whole dog and pony show that is the league's salary cap is a clear as mud on the best of days. When the MLS Player's union released the list of this years wages, many a fan - especially here in Toronto, were shaking their collective heads in amazement.
Toronto FC's list reads like a topsy-turvy list from Bizzaro footy world. Marginal players are taking home decent wages (well, in MLS standards), terrible players are cashing in big time, and great young players are eating Kraft Dinner. While it's true that Generation Adidas, other teams being on the hook for salary and random miscellaneous MLS oddities factor into cap room, the numbers can still be very shocking.
Instead of forcing you to pour over player union spread sheets, we've split some of TFC into three easy to digest salary categories: "Bang for your buck" - the players giving the most to TFC for their wage; "Time to earn your keep" - the players who we aren't ready to give up on but need to put their money where their feet are; and "Did you keep the reciept?" - for the players eating a big chunk of salary cap with little in return.Cha-ching!
Nana Attakora - 40K
Dan Gargan - 40K
Adrian Cann - 65K
Stefan Frei - 135K
Dwayne De Rosario - 443K
Raivis Hscanovics - 120K
Fuad Ibrahaim - 133K
Chad Barrett - 212K
Mista - 987K
Julian de Guzman - 1.7M
Maxim Usanov - 102K
Zach Herold - 109K (Yes, we know)
Jacob Peterson - 143K
O'Brian White - 182K
Nick Garcia - 198K

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