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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

THE STARTING 11: Names for Hamilton's NASL club

Put that in your Tony Pulis and smoke it!

Regular Yorkies readers will know that the word "Panama" has appeared far too often over the last few days here. So no more - not even parts of the word! On to a different topic!
In 2015, The Golden Horseshoe area will host the Pan-American Games (wait... Panam... oh for the love of Halen!). Part of the sporting infrastructure being built in Toronto and the outlying cities that comprise "Toronto Jr." includes a new footy friendly stadium for our neighbours to the west - Hamilton. For our overseas friends, Hamilton is Canada's Pittsburgh/ Sheffield/ Newcastle NSW etc. In order to fill some dates for this new stadium there has been talk of bringing an NASL club to the steel city, but what to call it?...
11. Hamchester City
10. FC Metallurg Hamiltonsk
9. Blacklung Rovers
8. CD Universidad McMastolica
7. Smoke City FC
6. FC Zenit St. Catherines
5. West Ham Ilton United
4. Wolverhamilton Wanderers
3. Tigres Cats
2. Hamilton Crackademical
1. Real Soot Lake

Hamilton: Wish you were here!


  1. I like the "Hamilton Metal-Heads" and Quiet Riot could sing the national anthem at every match. Come on feel the noise!

  2. real soot lake MUST be the name. or Tigres Cats. well done.

  3. man why did I read this at work......actually laughed out loud.

    Well they will need something when the ti-cats are pulled out of there in a year or two.


    Real soot lake.....

    you ate your wheaties before writing this one sir.

  4. I am writing this from Hamilton - I should be incensed by your Toronto arrogance but it's just too funny. I shamefully admit that I laughed at all of these. Damn you and your big-city hijinks. We will have the last laugh though when Blacklung Rovers beat TFC in the Nutrilite Cup!

    Toronto: The Gateway to Pickering

    -Steely Don

  5. Hamilton Dragons (as in fire-breathing)

  6. dofasco de gama...or Nacional Steel Car