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Thursday, December 30, 2010

THE WORD: Toronto FC Front Office to become New New England Re-Revolution?

Cheers to that rumour!

It's far from mysterious when these sudden "good news" stories emerge mere hours after a PR disaster but numerous sources are hinting that part or all of TFC's front office mess could be resolved in the near future. First came the news this afternoon from England's south coast that ex-Plymouth Argyle boss and ex-New England Revolution Assistant Paul Mariner has left Plymouth with an eye on becoming TFC's bench boss. This half of the rumour isn't exactly shocking as Mariner has been haevily linked to The Reds lately but soon after came an addition that was a surprise.
Sportsnet's Gerry Dobson dropped a more than subtle hint that not only would Mariner be one piece of the TFC puzzle but his former boss in New England, Steve Nicol, would join him at BMO Field as well. Nicol's name has got tongues wagging locally as the possible "last-minute candidate" that was rumoured yesterday for the GM position. There is no arguing that Nicol and Mariner did some pretty remarkable things together under an ownership in New England that make ML$E look like the Salvation Army in terms of generosity. They also have a great working relationship together and would be quite the coup for TFC in comparison with what most of us still fear - an Earl Cochrane/ Jimmy Brennan/ Nick Dasovic braintrust.
Now before anyone goes making Mariner-Nicol banners we do have to take a breath and realize both sources do have more than a tendency to exaggerate and run with a story long before it is settled. It is also way more than curious that such rapid movement would happen in the midst of a TFC PR nightmare when so little has progressed in the past three months. We can dream that ML$E have had a sudden post-Christmas Ebenezer Scrooge moment... but lets not cook our goose yet.

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  1. I think there is a strong Dutch connection to this team and not a UK one. Very recent evidence by Jurgen suggests looking Dutch not British. Nicol is not coming to Toronto, neither is Mariner.