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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 New Year's (not New England) Resolution

The new TFC 2011 kit wasn't a hit

Bleary eyed. Terrible headache. Mouth tastes of old booze and smoke. You look in the mirror and promise yourself... "never again". No, it's not the day after the final Toronto FC match of the season - it's January 1st.
The Reds, and particularly their owners, don't make it very easy to look forward to 2011 but if there is one day of the year where you have to at least try to wipe the slate clean it's today. Just ignore the star player training with Celtic, no GM, no head coach, the likelihood of PR man Earl Cochrane being given control of the club, your 2011 ticket increase, the 13 players out of 30 currently under contract and the price of beer at BMO. Ugh, I should have drank more last night.
But alas, we here at The Yorkies will try to look ahead to 2011 with some New Year's resolutions for supporting our beloved Reds. Here's our bleary eyed crack at optimism - 11 goals for 2011. Add yours in the comments below... think of it as a New Year's intervention!
- Think of words that rhyme with "Nathan Sturgis" for new chants
- Quit my three-Butty-a-day habit
- Send Steve Nicol a cake with "Pretty Please" written on top
- No Beer. No Gear at BMO... until ML$E starts to build a winner
- Find a picture of De Ro in a kilt
- Learn the words to "The Ancient Mariner"
- Resist buying new TFC kit. Buy something from here instead
- Think of ways to blame Mo Johnston for another 365 days
- Become a German-Californian soccer consultant. Do little. Get rich
- Be nicer to ML$E. Stupid f*%#ing a&$@oles! (Oh well, 10 out of 11?)
- Instead of "TFC Blogger", refer to self as "Interim Journalist"

Happy New Year’s to our faithful readers… here's to 2011. Honestly, the only way is up... since there's no relegation.

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  1. I will be trying to buy any food. Beer maybe - depends how bad the game is!