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Monday, January 10, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Things overheard at the Aron Winter press conference

Those are top quality Academy prospects!

There have been few Toronto FC press conferences that have been as momentous as last week's introduction to Aron Winter & Co. There was the club unveiling in 2006, Dwayne De Rosario's signing from Houston, "The Great Mo & Preki Escape" of 2010... Oh, and maybe Jacob Peterson's Amish Hip-Hop album release. But, apart from those - this was big Edam cheese. Fans got to hear some of the Q&A with the new management team and the assorted press but sometimes it's the things that are caught anonymously off-mic that are more interesting...
11. "It was the giant CNE windmill that sealed the deal."
10. "I've never seen so many pancakes at a press conference!"
9. "Is Bob de Klerk a part-time hitman?"
8. "Gentleman, you can leave your clogs by the door."
7. "Did he just call the club TFC Eindhoser?"
6. "Where's Jim Brennan with our coffee?"
5. "What do you mean no red light district in Toronto!?"
4. "Rohan Ricketts just changed his name to Johan Riijkets"
3. "Sorry sir... no Belgians allowed."
2. "TFC will be more Ajax Academy... less Police Academy"
1. "Total Football sure beats Mo-tal Football"


  1. As of today, we probably do not have a starting XI.
    There are several players rumoured to be signed. The date of signing coincides with MLS rules, 17 January.

    Watch a 3 player announcement on that date.

  2. If the rumors are to be believed (including on this site) then Bas Ent, Evan Schwarz and Andrew Ornoch will be the 1st three signings. Still leaves another 10 or more needed.

  3. "Where's Jim Brennan with our coffee?"

    Amazing. That's one of the funniest things I've read on your site so far. Has anyone figured out what Brennan's actual role with the club is now?

  4. "Rohan Ricketts just changed his name to Johan Riijkets"

    mint hahahaha