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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toronto FC suffers broken wing - Nicholas Lindsay out for 2011

Lindsay: Best foot forward

Disappointing news out of BMO Field today as Toronto FC announced that 18-year-old winger Nicholas Lindsay will miss the 2011 season through injury. The energetic Lindsay has suffered a serious knee injury during off-season (rumoured to be snowmobile accident) which will require multiple surgical procedures over the next six months. In addition to the surgeries, Lindsay will require lengthy re-hab which will push any possible return to the club until the 2012 season.
For the player himself, the injury couldn't have come at a worse time. Lindsay made news in the 2010 season as the club's second ever Academy product to turn professional and showed flashes of skill and poise during his brief MLS appearances. 2011 was set to be a big year in Lindsay's development as a professional and the club's lack of depth in the wing position gave the youngster an open door to earn substantial minutes and solidify his place on the First Team.
For TFC and its new management team, the injury represents another challenge in the rapidly approaching pre-season. Going into Thursday's MLS SuperDraft, the roster is a skeleton squad with few positions having quality depth. What makes Lindsay's sudden status even more problematic is that TFC doesn't currently have any established starters in the wing position let alone depth. It is yet another box to check on Winter & Co.'s pre-season wishlist and certainly not good news for their philosophy which cherishes homegrown talent.


  1. large misplaced ego+immaturity+irresponsible judgement+alcohol+lack of management direction = accident.

    And this is how they build an Academy prospect?

    ACL+MCL = toasted career

    I would suggest that if your youth player wears a diamond stud earing, you cut him. Oh, Jason Bent wears one too?

  2. Not the first young player to put his career in jeopardy through a bonehead move. Let's hope he learns some lessons, matures and still has a career ahead of him.