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Monday, January 31, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC complaints about Turkey

You can take a club to Turkey but can you turkey a club?

It was quite a surprise when word leaked out this past autumn that Toronto FC would be spending its preseason in Turkey. In the previous four years, TFC were more like Quebecois senior citizens who went to Florida for the winter. Their opponents usually resembled Old-Age Home U-90 teams too. But, 2011 is different and The Reds are on the exotic south coast of the big Eurasian nation with some good opponents lined up as well. However, it's an adjustment for the club who have never been so far from home and there are some early complaints about their Turkish delight...
11. Dichio wearing large comedy moustache and fez in training
10. Club forced to cut ties with Toronto's Greek Town
9. Dan Gargan very confused by the whole "Istanbul was Constantinople" thing
8. MLSE thought they were buying a turkey club, not sending the club to Turkey
7. Aron Winter saddened that "Turkey" puns haven't overshadowed "Winter" puns in media
6. De Rosario angry that his interviews referred to as "Instantbull"
5. Kebab Buttys
4. Locals keep calling the team "Hobo Galatasaray"
3. Some guy named "Moammar Johnston" keeps hanging around looking for jobs
2. Bob de Klerk always naked in the Turkish baths
1. Have to train on finely woven carpets

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