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Friday, April 1, 2011

DeRo in "Empire State of Mind" as hometown star heads to NYRB

From Scarborough to The 5 Boroughs

It wasn't supposed to end this way was it? When Scarborough legend Dwayne De Rosario joined Toronto FC from Houston before the 2009 season, most supporters imagined him holding TFC's first MLS Cup aloft. Instead, DeRo has been in the middle of one soap opera after another with the club - many having little to do with him of course... but some serious conflicts resting squarely at his feet. Mo, turf, locker-room cancers, cheque-signings, contract disputes and Glasgow vacations have all been linked with the man who is starring today in the latest "As The Reds Turn"
The news of DeRo's trade to New York Red Bulls came flying out of TFC practice today with first reaction being that it was an April Fools prank. But, as the story gathered steam, it became obvious that DeRo was in fact headed to Red Bull Arena with talented young midfielder Tony Tchani and sort-of-ok defender Danleigh Borman headed north in return. A 2012 1st Round Pick is also included in what is easily TFC‘s biggest deal of its short history.
The first reaction for many supporters was shock, with many being immediately outraged. But, on further examination the transaction has merit. De Rosario is a very talented, but aging commodity and if Aron Winter's system is going to take a year or more to build, time was running out to receive any quality in return. In addition to his value, the ongoing DeRo saga of contract disputes, transfer rumours and cryptic Twitter messages must be a distraction to which Winter did not want in his new clean-slate club. While the move will no doubt hurt Toronto FC in the short term, it also opens a lot of room for Winter and Paul Mariner to rebuild the club in their image. DeRo was possibly the elephant in the room handicapping that process.
Tony Tchani will be the long-term face of this deal and how it will be judged in the future by Reds supporters. At 21, the young Cameroon born midfielder has a massive upside. For De Ro, his name may sadly be marred by many in his hometown and he leaves with a lot of "what-if's" in his bag. He has constantly gone from DeRo to HeRo to ZeRo with Reds supporters but at least his last on-field act as a Red will be his classy gesture in support of a deceased young fan. Perhaps the former Captain knew it was his last time in Red. It should have been different for DeRo and The Reds but as with most things TFC - it's time to move on.
More DeRo to NYRB reaction here in the days to come… and also likely on DeRo's ever-present Twitter


  1. Things I will always remember are his gesture in his last game (as you mentioned), and the Miracle in Montreal. The look on his face after scoring the first goal was like a man possessed. Of course it's too bad the hometown boy couldn't come home and lead us to a championship, but I guess that is why those stories are rare, it extremely hard to do...especially when dealing with shyster owners lol.

  2. I wish DeRo the best of luck and also remember him for the Miracle in Montreal. All the Best.

  3. De Rosario, the Reds, the Reds are calling
    From the South End to the Red Bulls' Jersey Home
    The Centre of the Universe is crying
    No hometown hero left to carry on.
    But come ye back when New York's lights are dimming
    And Winter's gone back to the Netherlands
    We'll still be here complaining 'bout our midfield
    De Rosario, our own DeRo, we love you so.