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Monday, May 2, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Originally rejected club names for FC Edmonton

They win a lot... but never by a majority (UPDATE: Nuts)

Since there's no other news today (what's an Osama Jack Layton?) we thought we'd use our spy skills to infiltrate the hiding place of some secret information. With Toronto FC's NutCan semi-final against FC Edmonton seeming like a foregone conclusion (unless Dan Gargan starts) we thought we would look into the founding of Canada’s newest pro club. The owners went for the very traditional "FC" moniker which we wholeheartedly approve of but were there other names being considered before "The Monties" (make it happen!) decided to go with FC Edmonton? Let's smoke those names out of their holes...
11. Gasatasaray
10. Eskimoca Juniors
9. Shelltic FC
8. Stockwell WednesDay
7. ShakhTar Sands Donutsk
6. Grant Fuhrentina
5. Harperlona
4. Arsenoil
3. Drillareal
2. Dynamo Gretzkyiv
1. Preston Manning North End

1 comment:

  1. Not bad... except for the fact that "The Monties" isn't actually a real nickname. It's just someone posted on Wikipedia...