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Monday, June 20, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Ottawa's NASL club names

Oooh, natural grass pitch!

The Nutrilite Canadian Championship just got more muddled. Well, by "just" we mean in 2014 - the projected inaugural season for Ottawa's new NASL club. Scheduled to play in a revamped Lansdowne Park Stadium alongside a new CFL club, Ottawa will be joining the ranks of Canadian pro footy clubs alongside the three MLS squads and their NASL brethren FC Edmonton. This is of course if the current NASL exists in three years’ time. Either way, we wouldn't be doing our unpaid job if we didn't present the leading candidates for the Capital City's new soccerers...
11. Hull City QC
10. FC Girondins de Rideau
9. Old England Constitution
8. Olympique de Morissette
7. Galataxaray
6. Rough Riders FC / FC Roughriders (tie)
5. The Ministry of Foreign Sports
4. Dynamo Trudeau
3. Bytown & Hull Albion
2. FK Partizan Politics
1. GST Eindhoven


  1. Capital City Football Club.

  2. @ 12:23

    I think you're being a bit literal but I do think that's actually a good name. On this site it would end up being Capital City City!

  3. Of course, your #7 choice, when not playing at home would be known as Galataxaway.

  4. The Bytowne Brigade and our logo can look like a gay nightclub logo in the vain of the Columbus Crew!

  5. Guys we already have successful CSL franchise Called the Capital City FC. Which they should make as the NASL team! and they have a crazy supporters club called the Bytown Boys,

  6. 2anddone.fc. never last. Nasl is a bust

  7. Ottawa Dominion SC