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Monday, July 11, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Positives of having a -19 goal difference

Ah, the GD. No, not "God damn" (although TFC's may make you blurt that) nor "Gerry Dobson" (although you may blurt "God damn, Gerry Dobson stop showing me TFC's GD!"). The GD we refer to today is of course "Goal Difference" (or differential if you're a high falutin' professor type. Nerd.) Currently Toronto FC has the worst GD in MLS at a whopping -19, a full -9 worse than the next most useless club. It is not a stat to be proud of and indicative of how the season has played out so far - but it's not all bad at the bottom of the plus/minus barrel...
11. Lack of goals equals big savings on confetti
10. A positive goal difference is so bourgeoisie
9. Defenders AND attackers can feel equally useless
8. You get a free goal with every 20 allowed!
7. Has helped heal Preki's wounded pride
6. Number matches projected BMO Field attendance in October
5. It means that Danny Koevermans only has to score 40 goals in half a season to give Reds a shot at being neutral
4. It’s an amazing mini-golf score!
3. MLSE launching "-19 Cents Off Selected Merchandise" sale
2. Number matches BMO Field's Opening Day temperatures
1. Makes the club's "-12 in 2012" season ticket renewal campaign look downright reasonable

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  1. I admit I fully expected you to have posted this link:

    Opening day seems so long ago; we froze but were happy. Now the weather's beautiful & we're miserable...universe just messing with us?