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Monday, October 24, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Rejected Toronto FC taglines for the 2012 season

"Tick-tock, The Reds won't stop"

Over the last few years MLSE has marketed their seasons with cute little taglines, often incorporating the season's numerical value within it. For example - "fOUR Season" and "Season fIVe" have been used over the last few years. Here at The Yorkies we have already branded next season as "SIXual Healing" of course, but that didn't stop the boffins on Bay Street from trying out a few of their own for TFC's sixth kick at the can...
11. "Year IV in a V Year Plan"
10. "We're Gonna Make You Six"
9. "Six Feet Under"
8. "Sheashon Shixsh" (Bob de Klerk's idea)
7. "The Dirty Half-Dozen"
6. "Do You Think We're Sixy?"
5. "2012 Angry Men"
4. "A Full Order of Frings"
3. "We Wanna Six You Up"
2. "Soolsma II: Electric Boogaloo"
1. "Sixy Times!"

Yes, we know Rod Stewart sang this but Tom Jones doing it is WAY funnier. Plus Tom Jones is Welsh. Carl Robinson is also Welsh. We miss Carl Robinson. Jeez why all the questions?

Hi Carl if you're reading.


  1. VIctories are VItal
    VIagra: Making a Post Season!
    TFC: Like a VIrgin.
    Bring back VItti.
    Anselmi: VIce Presidents job on the line
    DaVId VIlla? You're haVIng a laugh!

  2. It's pronounced VInter

  3. Wow, an extra Starting 7 Huyton! Thanks! An 11 and a reserve team of "VI" quips. Must say we like "Bring Back VItti"

    Great work!